Saturday, May 21, 2011

my geriatric soul.

we all know those women who have a tendency to mother other people.
you know
hovering a bit...being constantly involved...the overall maternal type
in some ways, this is me
(e.g., i have a sincere love for making triangular PBJ sandwiches for people)

but i realized something this week
rather than being the motherly type
i think,
i lean towards grandmothering

(via hallmark)

there is much evidence.
think about your grandma and what she does to take care of you...
...yes, it's probably something i would do.
fixing hurt feelings with food and treats
telling you to bend the household rules a bit if it makes you feel better
often believing that playing is more important than cleaning up
rampantly applying terms of endearment when communicating
(pumpkin? sweetcakes? ...goober?)

there's a lot of compelling evidence that i have a quite elderly personality
yesterday i spent some time with a lady in her 60s
and quickly realized i had more in common with her than most people my own age
we have an aversion to technology
the same taste in books
no idea which celebrities are dating which
...or even who most celebrities are
a love for John Denver and the Beatles
a passion for croquet

also while hanging out with her,
one of the Terminator movies came on a nearby TV
we both clucked about Arnold's tragic state of affairs
and felt very puzzled about the plotline of said movie
and covered our eyes every time something violent happened

i'm only 24
but...maybe i have an old soul
(with a young heart, i think)

which, yeah, totally describes most grandparents i know.



The Ballard Family said...

You have found your niche, haven't you? :)
I love how insightful and yet hilarious this post is.

Katie said...

The infatuation with Lehi only confirms this. Also, the John Wayne room.