Wednesday, July 6, 2011

writing: tan lines

you came with fire
eased in between a laugh and a sideways glance
and left your mark
burned me like summer
a little unexpected and offbeat
you made me a walking conversation piece
and stayed with me until i hid you
but still you stayed
all thru winter
an inconvenient reminder
often easily overlooked
but in the right moment
you're all i can see
you branded me
and left your imprint
like iron on flesh
in a way that could only be you
in a way that could only be yours
slanted like the way you tilt your head to the left
reminding me, always
that maybe i was wrong
maybe i was
maybe i
fading like a bruise
but branding like a scar
covered like a mistake
but staying, part of me
always a part of me
and i'm finding, i think
that it'll take another burn
something that cuts deeper
you go first
you go first


Naomi Martineau said...

Writing is very therapeutic, I love it. Thanks for posting this, its great! BTW I love reading your blog (she said in the least creepy way possible)

Myke said...

My favorite line is, "eased in between a laugh and a sideways glance". It's very visual description for something unseen. Good work, this makes me want to write/share poetry/try my hand at songwriting again.

3P said...

Mad props for posting poetry. +5 pts. Very well done.

joelle said...

wow you have got serious writing talent. I can't write something cool if my life depended on it! keep it up :)

EagleOne said...

I maybe, sort of, might at one point consider perhaps.. being this brave. I love to write and I'm good at it, but I was never good at sharing.. :)