Monday, July 11, 2011

sweet sweet music, alyssa milano & the haboob

forewarning: there's no coherent theme to this post.
but, let's accept it for what it is....

a textersation with my sister, as i lay on the couch bonding with my germs on friday afternoon and watching this cinematic masterpiece i found on hulu:

(image via
(confession: it was a fairly decent movie. better than your average run-of-the-mill, made-for-tv cheesiness i expected and, may i point out, a genre i wholeheartedly embrace when i am a sick child.)

i'm watching some lifetime-esque movie about a girl...alyssa milano...who reminds me of myself. it's about her having 2 boyfriends. Bahaha


she braids her hair like heidi. i must do this.

Yes you must. And i saw this girl today with hair you must do. My bangs would make it strange on me.

describe. or send a picture.

she had it kind of braided across the front into a low side ponytail. it was all very loose and beachy.

i almost said "exactly how i want to be"...but then there's that "loose" part.

ahaha. let's change it to....low-key and beachy.

better. now i am alyssa milano.

well...there's a good chance alyssa milano is more the first description. haha

she's also Charmed.


some songs that have been tugging at my little heart strings this past week...

(if you're only going to listen to one, hit up the first one. it's the most gorgeous thing i've heard in awhile, and courtesy of this girl)

(i totes went to rocky's concert last thursday and it was totes magical, sick germs notwithstanding. if you ever have the chance to see him live, get on that. also look up his other stuff. three thumbs up.)

(i covered this one at an open mic night party this weekend. it was the last thing my vocal cords did semi-successfully before quitting on me entirely. the raspy singing style is sexy, right? ...right?)
(p.s. maybe when i am better i will record my cover and share that. only time will tell. whatever that means...)

the following video is the reason my poor car...and porch...and everything in currently coated in a layer of dirt.

hi, can you say doomsday??
yeah, i was def in that storm.
well, technically i was in a verrrry muggy gym playing volleyball...but still!
my only issues are 1) this video desperately needs some dramatic music, 2) who in their right mind names a storm a haboob?? and 3) where the hezz is jake gyllenhaal when i need him?! isn't he a free bonus with apocalyptic conditions? should be...


Naomi Martineau said...

I listened to the first one. Beautiful. Thank you.

Myke said...

I went running during that haboob and my lungs are only now recovering.