Monday, October 22, 2012

album review: "RED" by Taylor Swift

you better believe i bought t. swizzle's new album first thing this a.m.

my thoughts:
overall, it's a pretty solid but predictable album.
it didn't go very much above and beyond Speak Now,
BUT since Speak Now was a great album, it totally still works.

and major kudos for including two duets on this album.

i did notice that she's incorporating more of the breathy sound she used on the hunger games soundtrack, a la this track with the civil wars.
and i am always a fan of anything with a civil wars vibe.

my favorite tracks:
begin again
state of grace
all too well
the last time

honorable mentions:
i knew you were trouble
i almost do
holy ground
everything has changed

admittedly, i also have a soft spot for the notorious "we are never ever getting back together."

have you listened to the album?
(in all honesty i've had "begin again" on repeat since the single was released in september.)


Harley said...

listening nowwwwwwwwww

Katie said...

i am dying to hear more of the album, but i just love love love Begin Again, so i'm expecting great things :)

sadexcuse4amango said...

I LOVE Taylor Swift! Not only her music, but I love her philanthropic actions and her whole good-girl, sweet, nice image and everything. I'm super excited you reviewed this so fast cause I am listening to it right now on grooveshark to determine whether to buy the whole album (lets be honest, this has a 99% probability of being the case) or just a few songs from it (not nearly as fun!)

Also, I listened to Begin Again on repeat for HOURS after I discovered it! SO wonderful! I love how it captured the pain and consequences of a toxic relationships while still bring in hope for love and happiness in the future.