Tuesday, October 9, 2012

on blind dating ▲

i went on a blind date last weekend.
fact: i'd only been out of my previous relationship for 4 days.

so i had some legitimate concerns that i would be weird.
also, a guy once asked me in the middle of a first date:
"so this isn't really your thing, is it?"
"first dates. you seem out of your element."

thankfully, i think i managed to quell my awkwardness last friday.

minus the small moment where i thought we might be second cousins.
don't worry, i cleared that up.

and you have to have a good time with anyone who likes to wear moccasins just like you do, right?

plus we found a random mariachi band whilst out and about.
always a good omen.

any of you out there into blind dating?
any luck? horror stories?
bad jokes about the date actually being blind?

no we didn't wear blindfolds,


Harley said...

blinds are sooooooooo werid.

but it is also how i met my husband soo... good too? if it is the right person?

Anonymous said...

Random, weird question. Did he know you took a picture of your guys' feet? Or was it one of those casual 'I"m going to pretend I'm texting but I'm really taking a picture" things? :) Love your blog!

katilda said...

Haha, I definitely asked. I often take secret pictures of people in public but I don't think I could have pulled off a picture of my date's feet without him catching me.

Chantel said...

HAHA! love the comment above mine! Sounds like fun! I'm glad you are getting out with some awesome guys! I'm sorry about your other relationship. Keep on keeping on I suppose :) You are AWESOME!

Unknown said...

Blind dates are so terribly awkward! I've only been on one, and have another one potentially planned for around Thanksgiving - unless Conventional-[non]-Conventional and I end up getting together.

I had a Christmas blind date. It was freezing cold, and I didn't know what to talk about to keep conversation going. My date was 26, and I was eighteen. He thought I was at least 21. . . . He took me to The Roof restaurant in SLC - you know, the one where people normally go to propose, or celebrate an anniversary?? THAT was the epitome of awkward, as we sat at a table for two, surrounded by couples gazing at each other across their tables, holding hands . . . sneaking kisses. . . . I was so relieved when he dropped me off, without even a hug.

LOVE the moccasins! :)

Helene said...

So do you think you are going to meet again? Funny with the shoes. That's so cute :)

Amy said...

I freakin *wish* people would set me up on blind dates, I don't have time to find men on my own :-/