Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ModestPop giveaway winner!

thank you to everyone who entered my ModestPop giveaway!

and the winner is....
Katie Sparkalicious Devey from the blog Sparky!
yes that's her full name. even if she doesn't know it yet.
also, you should all catch up on her love story.
eees goood.

in any case, hopefully she can put that $15 credit to good use and get something that works well for her prego belly! i'm thinking the striped skirt she liked is totally doable with a baby bump:

congrats k.sparks.dev!
i'll be in touch!

and remember, the rest of you can still save 10% with the code Katilda.

i feel like bob barker but that's not a bad thing,


Katie said...

yaaaay!!!!! i'm so happy :)

Unknown said...

her love story is bomb.