Wednesday, October 24, 2012

i'm a godfather ...AND a dinosaur

you see, there's this girl i grew up with...
and she decided to have a baby a couple weeks ago.

then i asked her if the baby could be my godchild, and she said yes.
i promised to teach the child manly things when she comes of age.

behold, the offspring:

miss hannah lea williams
a whopping 9 lbs 9 oz

and she proved it, too,
when i held her for half an hour and her head pinched a nerve in my arm.
you might say i should learn to hold babies better.
i prefer to blame the child.

either way, when i handed the baby back, i discovered that i could not straighten my right arm.
in fact, the arm was stuck at a right angle for the next 5-6 a T-Rex.
and there was great pain all the way from my thumb to my neck.
what the.

also, when i left the godchild's casa the sprinklers got me a little wet.
and then they were blasting the driver's side of my car, so i crawled through the passenger side.
with only one working arm.

and it was a sight to behold.

and thus i drove back to work,
with damp clothing and a T-Rex arm,
where i discovered my coworkers were interviewing my soon-to-be new manager and i was in a state of disgrace with rumpled clothing and a crippled arm.

you know what they say...
being a godfather isn't easy.

but it's worth it,


Jacqueline said...

hilarious! hope your arm feels better!

Kerry said...

amazing. i just burst out laughing this entire post, the visual is outstanding. hope your arm feels better! those darn babies.. ;)