Monday, October 15, 2012

would you ride in a self-driving car?

okay...hold. the. smart. phone.

have you guys heard about self-driving cars?
and they're legal for testing in CA, NV and FL.
and will likely be available to the public in the next 5 years.

we're talking, like a smartphone as a vehicle.
radar sensors, video cameras, artificial intelligence software, etc.

wait, is that safe?
apparently, it's safer than human drivers.
in fact, there's accidents.
and it's predicted that it could lower accidents by as much as 80%

other good things:
  • could reduce the need for parking lots, if a car can drop you off and go give someone else a ride
  • excellent option for blind or handicapped people
  • can lessen traffic jams by automating traffic flow
  • less danger from drunk drivers
  • safe multi-tasking during a commute or road trip

i mean, it's all pretty hooverdam amazing.
imagine someday when our grandchildren think we're old and outdated because we drove our own cars.

also, this all makes me think of herbie.

would you ride in a self-driving car?
i would definitely take naps during my commute.


Kerry said...

heck yeah! sign me up. it's like riding the train, which is basically all computerized, but a smaller version that you can sing really loud in. and eat snacks! oh man, snacks on the way to work. yes please.

Kylie said...

That's crazy! I don't know if I would ride in one or not...but Kerry does make a point.

Jael said...

When I had a 50 minute commute while working 12.5 hour days, I will tell you what, I really could have used one of these bad boys. I actually wished, multiple times and out loud to myself, that my car would just drive itself. *thanks, shooting star.

Harley said...

I would totally use one. I hateeeee driving. Being on the invisible driver! Flying cars next?

Rolled Up Pretty said...

This is CRAZY! But I would LOVE one! :)

David said...

I'm totally ready for this! It would be interesting to measure its effects on road rage.

Unknown said...

Poor soccer moms.

Unknown said...

JC told me about this a while back! It freaks me out! But makes sense at the same time. But freaks me out.

Emily said...

EVERYTHING in Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century is coming true!!!!