Friday, October 19, 2012

i have 30 mosquito bites but happy feet.

in bad news, this happened:

in great news,
mosquitoes are to blame, not chicken pox.

in unrelated news, i scored these beauties for 17 smackers:

in magic news:
did you know that baking soda is a main ingredient in a lot of anti-itch creams?
hence, i added baking soda to my lotion.

coming soon: a blog post on all the miracles of baking soda.
seriously, that stuff is magic pixie dust.

tell me your friday news?

gotta get down on friday,


Unknown said...

I'm on a baking soda kick right now actually. It's blissful. Kind of a love affair. Thinking of going steady though because I love the guts outa that stuff. I can't wait to hear your baking soda secrets and successes.

Kim said...

I had a marketing professor in school who devoted a bunch of time in class one day to banking soda. He called them the ultimate genious company because they tell you to buy their product and then pour it down the drain, in the trash, etc. etc. Obviously, they're wanting you to do that so things will smell better, but he had a great point. If you can get people to buy your product and then thow it away and still buy it again, you've got a good cycle going.

PS baking soda + milk = skin softening scrub for your face. Excellent exfoliation.
My favorite application is still the 6th grade science project volcano.

Rolled Up Pretty said...

DANG girl! That's so many bites! But yes, can you imagine if you got a case of the adult chicken pox!? HORRIBLE!