Friday, October 26, 2012

that one time when i lived in darkness and it was probably my fault.

blog friends, meet my refrigerator:

now, you might think this looks like an ordinary fridge.
well, an ordinary fridge shared by four growing girls who love foods.
yes, foods.

where is my stuff in that fridge? i honestly do not know in this picture.
i would not recommend delving into its depths to find out.
you might never come back.

the point is, what you need to know,
is that this fridge of mine has been dark for some time now.
oh, the woes of a dark fridge!
not to mention that the kitchen light is also broken.
and was probably made in the 50s or 60s?
therefore the special type of spiral lightbulb we need doesn't exist?
and who has time to find someone to install an entirely new light fixture?

as of yesterday morning, these are the lights that were burnt out in my endearing-but-high-maintenance-because-it-was-built-like-a-century-ago-but-hey-the-rent-is-amazing condo:

overhead bedroom light
overhead closet light
overhead bathroom light
fridge light
overhead kitchen light
kitchen lamp being used in lieu of overhead kitchen light

do you see that we have a problem?
well yesterday, i snapped.
a girl can only use an iphone flashlight app to get around the house for so long.

and now, after like 7 months, my fridge officially lights up again.
and so does the closet and kitchen lamp.
and what did it take to end my suffering and angst?
i simply screwed in a new lightbulb.

yeah you'd be amazed at my procrastination abilities.

also, someday i want to own a green fridge:


the giveaway is going strong! go enter!


Chantel said...

BHAHA! that's funny. I can relate with my apartment :) I'm far too lazy to change a lightbulb. Also, I love that picture of the fridge at the bottom. Yes please. I'll take the tea cups too :)

Alexis Kaye said...

HAHA! :)

Katie said...

Hahaha I love that that condo was probably built in 1985. Maybe try IKEA? Tim says that they have entirely different light bulbs that you can't buy anywhere else.

Emily said...

Let there be light! And beautiful minty colored fridges!

Priscilla said...

Lumos--love that you used that.