Wednesday, October 10, 2012

is alzheimer's the new diabetes?

would you trade your brain for a twinkie?


last week i wrote about the paleo diet,
and got some really good feedback from you guys.

this week, let's talk diabetes.
specifically Type 3 diabetes.

wait, katie...that doesn't exist...

let me explain.
there is a whole host of research happening right now that points to a growing correlation between diet, alzheimer's and dementia,
enough so that some people are beginning to refer to those diseases as type 3 diabetes.

of course, just like diabetes,
there are genetic factors you can't control.

but you CAN control your diet.
and increasing evidence is showing that all those fatty and sugary foods are leading to higher and higher levels of alzheimer's and dementia.

you know what?
no thank you.
not to mention heart disease.

now, i'm not an extremist.
i like the occasional fudgsicle or birthday cake.

but constant fast food?
sugary snacks and cereal?
skipping real veggies and fruits?
guzzling soda all day?

is it really worth losing my mind?

your thoughts?

food pyramid you are my friend,


Chantel said...

I couldn't agree more! I am definitely a health fanatic! Sometimes, around a special time..., I do get a little sweet toothy, but then my dad will talk to me about his declining body or all my grandma's health issues, and I'm back to shoving tomatoes and spinach down my throat. I completely completely believe in the Word of Wisdom. My body feels greater now than it did in college (my shameful time of frozen pizzas and poptarts), and I am so grateful!

Alexis Kaye said...

Hey Katie! Hopefully you want my opinion. I don't mean to go all crazy on you ;) here's what I think! Knowing the metabolic process of fats and sugars, I don't see how it could increase risk of alzhiemers and dementia. Not that I'm saying it can't! My guess, is just that a lot of the foods that contain high amounts of fats and sugars (I'm talking foods like fast food, lots of presevatives, highly processed foods, etc) contain unnatural substances and toxins that are actually the contributers. I don't know if people know how toxins work, but they're basically toxic to your body. They don't have enough electrons so they'll take away electrons from just about any cells which destroys them and can cause mutations. Soooooo....that's my two cents. And again it's just a guess that I'm basing off of what I know.

katilda said...

I love having your insight, being a nutrition student and all! (And you did get a 96 on your last test....I'm not saying but I'm just saying...) But seriously, I like your insights. And, instagram will reveal that I ate an ice cream cone today. I hope this won't make me forget my own birthday someday :)

Hanna Lei said...

WOW. I hadn't heard about this before.

lauren brimley said...

I am a huge health nut, so I always stand behind the idea that good nutrition brings about better overall health. Plus, if I ate crap all the time, it wouldn't be considered an would just be the norm. Not as fun. Or healthy!

Harley said...

i seriously need to change the way that i eat...