Monday, October 29, 2012

moonrise kingdom halloween costume

it's no secret that i was excited for this movie to come out,
and then i rather enjoyed it when i saw it.

so it was only natural that i took this as my inspiration...


and these costumes happened on saturday night...

thank you goodwill, walmart and my own closet.

dear suzy,
here is my plan.

dear sam,
my answer is yes.

what are you being for halloween??

i kind of got attached and want to wear knee socks all the time now so look out world.


Rolled Up Pretty said...

I love your costumes, SO adorable! :)

Emily said...

Before I even knew you, Molli showed me a picture of your What About Bob costume and I had already decided you had the best costume ever. This? This just puts it over the top. Amazing!

jimmylou said...

oh my god! amazing outfits! why did i not think of this halloween idea?! argh

Priscilla said...

Great costume idea!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I were Sam and Suzy, too!! So cute :)