Thursday, October 4, 2012

what is the paleo diet?

so, i like to eat me some healthy foods.
such as this salad from Trader Joe's, which maybe changed my life:

i mean, good bieber that was a hooverdam good salad.

i recently met a couple friends who are into the paleo diet.
i.e. the caveman diet

what is it?
basically, it's a hunter-gatherer type of diet.
so you only eat things you could hunt or gather...
e.g. meat and vegetables and fruit, essentially.

this means...
no bread
no sugar or junk food
and other stuff

i've had my fair share of my-tummy-hates-me issues,
and nothing seems to solve my woes.
and if i have to get any more blood drawn, so help me...

would you do it?
any paleo eaters out there with wisdom to impart?

food for thought and yes that's a pun,

earlier when i typed "only eat things you could hunt or gather," i accidentally typed "father" at first.
please...please don't eat anything you could father.


Jacqueline said...

"anything you could hunt or father" lol. i love typos. my aunt has been paleo for a year or two and swears by it. i've been gluten free for over two years now and it has helped my health TREMENDOUSLY and i get majorly depressed about thinking of giving up sugar on top of all the other things i've had to give up already. i'm kind of a big wimp. maybe one day i'll get over it and try it. it sounds like a healthy lifestyle change.

his little lady said...

That's it, I'm driving myself down to Trader Joe's right now and getting this salad. This looks SCRUMPTIOUS!
xo TJ

Crystalee said...

Funny you should ask! I've been gluten free for four years, and after a six-month stint without sugar last year, I've given up the artificial sweet stuff. It's really a much healthier way to live!

While I'm not an absolute paleo person (Gotta have my corn chips with salsa!), I think that cavemen were much healthier than our Cheetos-addicted, candy bar-craving society. It's a state of MIND, and when you get the sweet stuff out of your system, you don't crave it as much. Check out >> She's got a great Paleo 101 section.

Good luck!

Here's my article on giving up sugar too:

Alexis Kaye said...

I think anything is worth a shot! Tummy issues are no fun. A lot of people have sensitivities to gluten without having an allergy so you might have that. Cutting out gluten (like with that diet) could help you. Obviously milk too. Lots of people have problems digesting milk. Sugar is one too. Also corn because it's a huge source of our diet and also a big inflammatory. Good luck though! I hope you find something that works for you :)

Chantel said...

Yeah I've always been curious about this diet. I am a health fanatic, and I've just eating from a strictly raw diet, and it makes my body feel so phenomenal! I love it! But I'm a heavy runner, and I could never sustain myself without bread and carbs.