Monday, October 8, 2012

feed just one: 1 shirt, 30 meals

i have me a major soft spot for nonprofit organizations.
maybe it's like when babies have a soft spot in their skulls?

in any case, i found something new for my bleeding heart to love:

how it works:
you buy a shirt.
they feed 30 girls in Uganda.
learn more details here.

i've been chewing on making a purchase for awhile,
and then they released this shirt...

...and i am a happy clam!

because you know what?
kindness DOES matter.
i would now like it in every color so i can wear it every day of my life. 

also liking the new one they just released today.
i might just buy it.

maybe they will make me a shirt in plaid flannel & my world will implode,

i am obsessive about my tshirts being soft and NOT stiff and they nailed it right on the head with the perfect cotton-poly blend.
is it weird that i care so deeply about cotton-poly blends...?

like Feed Just One on facebook to find out when they release new shirts.


Unknown said...

I have been needing some do-gooder cotton-poly lovin' in my life.
Really though. I'mma buy one of these.

Chantel said...

YEAH! I love these! I'm going to buy one :)

Chantel said...

Also, I like that you have a soft-spot for charities and non-profits. Good person you are.

Ryan and Crystalee said...

I totally just bought the new one! It was a tough choice - so many great colors and words to choose from. Thanks for sharing this program, Katie. What a beautiful way to spread the love - and wear clothes that MATTER. Kindness rocks. And so do YOU! said...

Newest follower here. Cool I idea--I'm going to check out the shirt options!

Katie said...

I love these! I just might have to get one of those new ones. Thanks for sharing!

Alexis Kaye said...

totally buying one! I really like the one that says something like: believe there is good in the world. :) Also, I want to volunteer more at feed my starving children! How do I do that?

katilda said...

I will post a link on your facebook! Coming your way!