Wednesday, October 3, 2012

why you should go to parties alone ▲

the first time i went to a party alone, i sat outside in my car for about 20 minutes deciding if i should go in.
fact: i even called a friend to help encourage me to be brave.

and we're talking ALONE,
i.e. i heard about the party from a friend who wouldn't be there and i truly didn't know anyone there.

my face felt like this:

but then i walked into that party.
and i learned something important.

it turns out,
going to a party alone is the best way to meet people.
when you're by yourself,
people feel more compelled to talk to you.
when people aren't intimidated by your group of friends,
you're 100% more approachable.

in the case of my first alone party,
the host of the shindig took me under his wing and walked me around the whole night, introducing me to everyone.

fact: that wouldn't have happened if i came glued to a wingman.

since that experience,
i've grown to love going to parties alone.

sure, the first few minutes can be awkward.
and it can be really uncomfortable to stand alone,
where people can see you,
and resist the urge to slink into a corner and hide.

but my challenge to all you party goers?
try it alone.

arrive alone,
stand alone,
look people in the eye,
and smile at strangers.

i feel pretty hooverdam confident that you'll meet more people that way than you ever would by going to a party surrounded by friends you already know.

but remember,
you gotta own it.

please report on your endeavors...

dancing with myself,


Whitney said...

you are brave. i love your top. message me back instantly, i've been wanting to hear about your weekendddddd!!!

Alexis Kaye said...

you're so grown up! ;) da coolest

Chantel said...

HAHAHA! i love this! I totally agree! Ironically, I went to a party by myself this weekend as well. This boy asked for my number, and I said, "How old are you?" "21." "Oh... thanks, but no thanks." It was a good time.

Also, you look smashing.

Kerry said...

ooh brave girl! I have never gone to a party alone! that being said, i've done a ton of things alone.. but i do see that it's faded now that i'm a bit older. i think your post just inspired a revitalization of going and doing things alone!

Elisabeth Gee said...

Was this inspired by me? Cause it should be. :) Haha :) Kidding. I TOTALLY agree!!! It's SUPER hard to do stuff by yourself, but that's when the real growing comes in and you are SO right, you always more people that way. :)

Unknown said...

I want to be katilda when I grow up.

Unknown said...

maybe also for halloween.

katilda said...

baha! I am flattered and want to start calling you "grasshopper."

Unknown said...

I read this post, and just had to say - I love this! Done that quite a few times, and it's so true. Way to go, girl. Your blog & photography are absolutely lovely as well. Thanks for sharing!