Wednesday, January 5, 2011

songs that say goodbye

[music: #159, “wish you well” by katie herzig]
okay so i didn’t use to be one of those people that openly blogs about dating.
but i realized, those are the juicy entries i like to read on other people’s blogs ... so why not join the hullabaloo of self disclosure?
i’ll try not to be awkward. i want to be an enjoyable blogger ... not THAT girl. you know what i mean.
unfortunately since my encounter with the facebook dater, i don’t have anything juicy to report.
but i was just thinking about a past relationship, and a principle i learned from that.
in 2010 i dated a guy with superb taste in music. quirky, but superb.
here’s the downfall of such a thing: my playlist plagued me after we broke up. i’d be sitting at work, minding my own business with my earphones plugged in, when a song would grab me out of nowhere and sucker-punch my little heartstrings.
not fair, playlist. not fair.
i had to simply clean it out one day. as much as i liked all that music, it was starting to feel like an infection, and thus it had to go. all of it.
goodbye to you: blind pilot. ben gibbard. arcade fire. ryan adams. rocky votolato. etc etc etc
my relationship w/ these artists, among others, had become detrimental to my peace of mind. and thus my playlist had to become skeletal.
i’ve made some efforts at re-pimping it out. hope you dig it. start listening.
i think i started this anecdote by saying i learned a principle from it. here’s what i learned: if you really invest yourself, there will be aftermath.
here’s my thoughts: invest anyway. better the aftermath than a half-baked effort.
(and i really do mean that.)

give a listen to the song referenced in this blog's title. #174. schuyler speaks to me again.


Nelson Family said...

Kennady is rockin out to your new playlist. She says it's missing "Bear Necessities."

Jeremy said...

Pretty much know exactly what you mean here and I agree at least when I am not emotionally compromised lol

Katie said...

Nice use of the word "hullabaloo." And I have always felt that YOU have superb taste in music. Just so you know.

P.S. Did you really write this at 7:12 this morning? I didn't hear a thing...

The Ballard Family said...

And then there comes the point in time that you don't listen to music at all ever anymore because you can't risk emotion of any sort sneaking in since you have a handful of little ones relying on you for everything and being vulnerable is not something that can fit into your daily life.
But there is always Jack Johnson on the Curious George movies. I dig that.