Tuesday, March 22, 2011

and i was like baby, baby, baby...

it's time to admit that i really, truly like some of justin bieber's songs. i also like to use his name as a euphemism (e.g. what the biebs, goodgollygraciousbiebergosh, etc.).

sure, he's like 16 or something. but let's face it: his songs are catchy and the kid can move.

pair him with some country superstars and there's no reason not to love this little ditty:

and while we're on guilty pop pleasures...
she may be a bit of a nut job, but lady gaga's songs can be admittedly catchy.

which is why a legit cover is totally the best avenue for fanship in her case. you get the music minus the crazy.

here's one i l-o-v-e:


Lars said...

Oh boy, super love that Lady Gags one!! Nice find. And if you're into weird-pop-stars-actually-surprisingly-singing-legit-stuff, you should check out the Black and Gold cover by Katy Perry. I somewhat loathe her....but that song is beautiful. We're doing a contemporary dance piece to it for my jazz class.

Mariah Grace said...

I loved the cover of the Gaga song, too. After watching the video, I realized that I had never seen an actual Lady Gaga video before. So, I went over to youtube to check out the "Born This Way" video. Bad, bad idea. Whoa... really bad idea