Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dating: opposites attract

ok, if you want to permamently mar your opinion of paula abdul
[i guess assuming you're starting out with a good or neutral opinion]
then feel free to watch this very, very strange music video.

ok now that we've got that out of our systems...
let's talk about this idea:
opposites attract

[via shine.yahoo.com]

what do you think about it?

for me, it's half true
i mean, i'm totally the same as guys i date
in ways like general hobbies, humor, spirituality, life goals, etc

then i'm way different in other areas
for example:
i'm a writer, idealist, nonprofit  junky, and i get childlike joy out of activities like fingerpainting and blowing bubbles
i tend to date lawyers, engineers, mathemeticians and guys who can actually get their taxes done on time and don't need turbotax to do so
[apparently i totally have a type]

what about you?
do you veer toward opposites, sames, or a little of both?


Unknown said...

I am somewhere in the middle. Too opposite and it seems like we have no common ground. Too similar and I feel like I'm dating myself. I just like the happy medium. However, when it comes to looks, I generally go for light hair, bright eyes, and tall, like me. Weird? probably.

Myke said...

My opinion of Paula Abdul was already based on that music video so it didn't ruin anything.

Mariah Grace said...

Hey! Head over to my blog. You are featured in it :) And, opposites shouldn't date or marry each other, unless those opposite things are trivial. The same goals and visions for the future are necessary for success, I believe.
Love you!

Tyson J Oliver said...

I'm convinced that all anyone wants is a person just like them, but better.