Monday, August 15, 2011

music: cornflakes, automobiles & eddie vedder

it's monday, so... let's jam!
hopefully at least one of these tickles your musical little bones on this monday morning/afternoon/evening.

(1) what's not to love about a couple guys in cheesy jackets? well, it's musically legit as well.
(2) you may have heard her radio hit, Jar of Hearts, but this song is delicious as well and puts me in a trance [even if the music video is essentially a really, really terrible car commercial]
(3) an old song, but a new favorite. i can't stop listening to it lately! [and was totally pleased when it showed up in the soundtrack of a recent flick i watched on a saturday morning in my pajamas on a couch with a couple besties. ah good times.]

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Devin Jenkins said...

I may, or may not visit this page several times daily to listen to these songs. Hint: I do.