Friday, March 30, 2012

katilda closet party: leave it to beaver

that is me,
sitting in the little booth at the vehicle emissions place.
which was totally an adventure,
until they told me i failed.
something about my gas cap not being snug enough?
so now we call that photo "the walls of adulthood closing in on blissful naivety."

on to the outfits!

for my ensemble,
i am channeling wally cleaver
see him back there in that pic, all orange sweatered and khaki-fied?
yes yes, here i am:

and kelsey at kelsey anne design,
rockin' the june cleaver in a big way:

one day left in the party!
let's be honest, penelope is the funnest day.

it's friday so funnest can be a word,

1 comment:

Inna said...

Funnest is SO a word.

Oh, and I love Penelope!! Her style is amazing. And the part where Max sings You are My Sunshine cracks me up every time. :D